Saturday, August 4, 2012



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          mfvq Ab¨v‡b¨i g‡a¨ e³e¨ iv‡Lb, gnvbMi m`m¨ mwPe bvwQi DwÏb nvIjv`vi bvwQg, hyM¥-AvnŸvqK nvwmeyi ingvb Rq, m`m¨ †gvt bvwQi Luv, Avãym mvjvg nvIjv`vi, mvjvgZ cÖavb, nvRx Avãyj Kv‡`i, nvRx wej­vj, mvjvn DwÏb Avn‡g`, bRi“j Bmjvg, Zviv wgqv, Avjx †nv‡mb, Bivb, ivR †gvnv¤§` †LvKb Ges Rvnv½xi Avjg mn cÖg~L †bZ…e„›`| mfvcwZi e³‡e¨ †gvt dRjyj nK dRjy e‡jb, ïµevi‡K mvßvwnK QzwU, ivóªag© Bmjvg, gmwR` gv`ivmv gw›`i wMR©vq we`y¨r cvwb wej gIKzd mn †h wbijmfv‡e Bmjv‡gi †L`gZ K‡i †M‡Qb, †mB Gikv`‡KB Bmjvg ag©mn mKj ag© I iv‡óªi mKj gvby‡li †mev Kivi Rb¨ Avevi ivóª¶gZvq emv‡Z n‡e| wZwb RvZxq cvwU©‡K ¶gZvq emv‡Z RvZxq hye msnwZi †bZvKg©x‡`i HK¨e× fv‡e KvR K‡i msMVb‡K Z…Yg~j ch©v‡q msMwVZ Kivi AvnŸvb Rvbvb|

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(gvneyeyi ingvb Kvgvj)       
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RvZxq hye msnwZ, †K›`ªxq wbe©vnx KwgwU| 




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15B AvM‡ói AvnŸvb RvwZi RbK e½eÜzi cjvZK Lywb‡`I †`‡k wdwi‡q G‡b duvwmi ivq Kvh©Ki Ki‡Z n‡e|
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AvMó gvm RvZxq †kv‡Ki gvm RvwZi RbK e½eÜz I e½ gvZv mn 75 Gi 15 AvMó hviv kvnv`reiY K‡i‡Qb Zv‡ni AvZoevi gvM‡div‡Zi Rb¨ evsjv‡`k AvIqvgx Ijvgv jxM gvm e¨vcx †KviAvbLvbx, wgjv` I †`vqv gvnwd‡ji Kg©m~Px nv‡Z wb‡q‡Q|AvR mKvj 10 Uvq 03/08/2012 Bs 23 e½eÜz GwfwbD †K›`ªxq Kvh©vj‡q GK ewa©Z mfv AbywôZnq| mfvq mfvcwZZ¡ K‡ib, msMV‡bi msMÖvgx mfvcwZ gvIt BwjqvQ †nvmvBb web †njvjx|mfvq M„nZ nq †Rjvq ‡Rjvq _vbvq _vbvq Iqvgv jx‡Mi D‡`¨v‡M RvwZi Rb‡Ki AvZoevi
gvM‡div‡Zi Rb¨ †KviAvb Lvbx, wgjv` gvn&wdj I †`vqvi gvm e¨vcx Kg©m~Px †`Iqv nq| cvkvcvwk RvZxq Pvi †bZv mn Ges mKj MYZvwš¿K Av‡›`vj‡b hviv kvnv`r eiY K‡i‡Q, Zv‡`i AvZoevigvM‡divZ I RvwZi Rb‡Ki my-‡hvM¨ Kb¨v gvbbxq cÖavbgš¿x Rb‡bÎx †kL nvwmbv I †kL †i‡nbvi
my-¯^v¯’¨ Kvgbv KiwQ|ewa©Z mfvq e³e¨ iv‡Lb, msMV‡bi mvaviY m¤úv`K gvIt †`‡jvqvi †nv‡mb, hyM¥-mvaviYm¤úv`K AvjnvR¡ †gvnv¤§` †nv‡mb, g~d&wZ wgRvbyi ingvb wgRvbx, Avãyj Avwjg AvRv`x, XvKvgnvbMi `w¶‡bi mfvcwZ, Gg.†K iweDj Bmjvg iwe cÖg~L ‡bZ…e„›` e³e¨ iv‡Lb|
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(AvjnvR¡ †gvnv¤§` †nv‡mb)
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Grass routes Female Entrepreneurship Society

অর্থনৈতিক মুক্তিবিহীন নারী অধিকার প্রতিষ্ঠা অসম্ভব, এই স্লোগানকে সামনে রেখে শুরু হয় "তৃনমূল নারী উদ্যোক্তা সোসাইটি (গ্রাসরুটস) এর ২য় ঢাকা সন্মেলন। তোপখানাস্থ শহীদ আসাদ মিলনায়তনে আজ দিনব্যাপি সন্মেলনের উদ্ধোধনী অনুষ্ঠানে প্রধান অতিথি হিসেবে উপস্থিত ছিলেন ঢাকা- আসনের এমপি মাননীয় সাংসদ সদস্য জনাব রাশেদ খান মেনন, বিশেষ অতিথি হিসেবে উপস্থিত ছিলেন মাননীয় সাংসদ জনাব ইস্রাফিল আলম, তৃনমূল নারী উদ্যোক্তা সোসাইটির উপদেষ্টা জনাব আবুল হোসাইন, যুব মৈত্রী' কেন্দ্রীয় সাধারন সম্পাদক জনাব মোস্তফা আলমগীর রতন, . আই. টি. ব্যান্কের গবেষক মোসাদে। নারী উদ্যোক্তা সোসাইটি' কেন্দ্রীয় সাধারন সম্পাদিকা বেবি ফাতেমা বেনজির, সাউথ এশিয়ান গ্রাসরুটস ডেভেলপমেন্ট ফোরামের যুগ্ন আহ্বায়ক লাভলী ইয়াসমিন, বাঁচতে শেখ নারী এর সাধারন সম্পাদিকা ফিরোজা বেগম, জাতীয় গার্হস্থ্য নারী শ্রমিক ইউনিয়নে' সাধারন সম্পাদিকা মুর্শেদা আক্তার নাহার অন্যান্য নারী নেতৃবৃন্দ। সন্মেলনের মুল দাবী প্রাতিষ্ঠানিক খাতে কর্মরত: নারীদের শ্রমের অধিকার মর্যাদা প্রদান। এর পক্ষে সতল বক্তাগন সমর্থন প্রদান করে বক্তব্য প্রদান করেন

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love in the Time of Layoffs: Can We Get Together Without Falling Apart? Unemployment fears are now following us into the bedroom.

What does love feel like when you don’t know what tomorrow will bring? When life as you imagined it seems further and further out of reach? How do you know when it’s time to hold on to what you’ve got, or let go in the face of mounting anxiety? What if you’re so stressed out you can’t even think?
For people around the globe, trends like restructuring, privatization, mergers, downsizing, and relentlessly high unemployment are transforming intimate relationships. Chronic job insecurity is shifting the way we approach the idea of hooking up, having sex, staying together, and starting families. And it might just be changing the very nature of romance.One minute you’re happily planning a life together and talking about having kids. Then, suddenly, everything changes.
Joel B., a 30-year-old Australian environmental planner, felt that the world was his oyster. In his mid-20s he was designing transport systems for the city of Melbourne. He met Amy, a fellow Aussie, while traveling, and the two instantly connected. When she landed a job in London at a museum, the couple took it in stride and continued a long-distance relationship.
Then the bottom fell out of the global economy in 2008. Jobs in the government sector evaporated, including Joel’s. He decided to move to London, thinking to pick up work as a consultant in the private sector. Amy was facing a pay freeze, but at least she had work. They moved in together, joining forces to weather the storm.
But the storm did not pass. “This wasn't a short-term slump," says Joel. "The economic crisis was being used as an excuse to turn away from environmental planning to things like fracking. This was a long-term rebalancing of priorities.”
For the first time in his life, Joel had trouble finding work. The confidence he derived from being employed was ebbing away. Questions nagged. Should he keep looking for work in his chosen profession? Should he try a new career path?
Love is not an issue for Joel and Amy. There’s heaps of that. The challenge is figuring out how to build a life together in a brutal economic climate. "Do you maintain the relationship?" Joel wonders. "Do you put it on ice? As the stress mounts, the door opens to things like infidelity.”
After months of looking, Joel found a job – in Oman. “I miss her,” he says. “It was a shock to the system to move away. Not knowing when we would finally be able to have a decent life together. It's hard not feeling like a complete failure leaving her behind.” Joel wants to find work back in London to be with Amy. Yet every decision comes with a mountain of risks and pressures.
Such is the life of young lovers in the Age of Job Insecurity.
“Austerity policies place such a burden on young people," says Joel. "We have little savings. We’re told that we’re lazy if we can’t find permanent work. But this economic situation is out of our control.”
Joel’s story hints at how the social fabric is torn when jobs are precarious and people are forced travel long distances to find jobs. Conservatives are forever preaching about family values, but their job-destroying, anti-worker policies have made it harder and harder for young people like Joel to put down roots and reach the level of stability required for long-term relationships and children.
The most anti-family period in living memory for most is leaving a trail of broken hearts in its wake.

Complementary:Editor's Note: This article is part of an ongoing AlterNet series on job insecurity .

Wednesday, August 1, 2012



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m~Î:                                                                            ZvwiL: 01-08-2012
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evsjv‡`k gyw³‡hv×v AvBbRxex cwil‡`i mfvcwZ G¨vW‡fv‡KU L›`Kvi kvgmyj Avjg `y`y, RvZxq MYZvwš¿K jx‡Mi mfvcwZ Gg.G.Rwjj, evsjv‡`k bvix gyw³ Av‡›`vj‡bi mfvcwZ dv‡Zgv LvZzb I Mv‡g©›Um kªwgK †K‡›`ªi mfvcwZ ûgvqyb Kwei †hŠ_ fv‡e GK wee„wZ‡Z e‡jb wk¶v wb‡q AcZrciZv‡K i“‡L `vov‡bvi Rb¨ miKvi I †`k‡cÖwgK wewkóRb‡`i cÖwZ AvnŸvb Rvwb‡q‡Qb| wee„wZ`vZviv j¶¨ K‡i‡Qb †h, eZ©gvb †`k‡cÖwgK miKvi wk¶vbxwZ ev¯—evqb, wk¶vi cwi‡ek DbœZ Kivi Rb¨ KvR K‡i hvB‡Z‡Qb| wKš‘ eZ©gvb miKvi ¶gZv MÖnY Kivi ci †_‡KB Awbe©vwPZ Z_vKw_Z AwffveK HK¨ †dvivg e‡j Avm‡Q fwZ© evwYR¨ I †KvwPs evwbR¨ Pj‡Q †`‡k| wKš‘ Z_vKw_Z AwffveK HK¨ †dvivg mfvcwZ wRqvDj Kwei `yjy MZ mv‡o wZb eQi a‡i GKwUI fwZ© evwY‡R¨i D`vniY ev cÖgvY w`‡Z cv‡i bvB|

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evZ©v †cÖiK

(GW‡fv‡KU Lwjjyi ingvb)
`ßi m¤úv`K

Bangladesh Rural & Human Right Journalist Forum (BRHRJF)

m~Ît                                                                                     ZvwiLt 01/08/2012 Bs

Kvi ¯^v_© i¶v Ki‡Z we‡ivax `‡ji kxl©‡bZv dKi“j Bmjvg
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evZ©v †cÖiK

(Avwgi“j Bmjvg wKiY)
`ßi mwPe|

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bangladesh Rural & Human Right Journalist Forum (BRHRJF)

m~Ît                                                                                     ZvwiLt 28/07/2012 Bs

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(Avwgbyj Bmjvg, wKiY)
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†cÖm weÁwß

RvZxq hye msnwZi gZwewbgq mfv AbywôZ

          XvKv kwbevi, 28 RyjvB 2012 t  RvZxq cvwU©i gvbbxq †Pqvig¨vb mv‡eK ivóªcwZ cj­xeÜz û‡mBb gyn¤§` Gikv‡`i f¨vbMvW© RvZxq hye msnwZ XvKv gnvbMi DËi-`w¶b I †K›`ªƒq KwgwUi GK gZwewbgq mfv AvR kwbevi weKv‡j †ZvcLvbv †ivW¯’ msMV‡Yi †K›`ªxq Kvh©vj‡q AbywôZ nq| mfvq mfvcwZZ¡ K‡ib RvZxq hye msnwZ †K›`ªxq KwgwUi mfvcwZ wjqvKZ †nv‡mb †LvKv|

          mfvcwZi e³‡e¨ wjqvKZ †nv‡mb †LvKv e‡jb, †`‡ki mvwe©K cwiw¯’wZ †`‡L g‡b nq, Avgiv miKvi I we‡ivax`j mK‡jB Avj­vni Kv‡Q Acivax| ciPP©v, ciwb›`v Avgv‡`i ms¯‹…wZ‡Z cwibZ n‡q‡Q| miKvi I we‡ivax `‡ji HK¨gZB †`‡ki me©¯—‡ii gvby‡li g‡a¨ kvwš—i c_ D‡¤§wPZ n‡Z cv‡i| wZwb AviI e‡jb, Rbc‡_ gvby‡li Rxe‡bi wbivcËv †bB, AvB‡bi kvm‡bi cÖwZ gvby‡li Av¯’v w`‡b w`‡b K‡g hv‡”Q| G‡¶‡Î †`‡ki `vwqZ¡kxj mKj RvZxq †bZ…e„›`‡K †MvUv RvwZ‡K wbivc` ivLvi Rb¨ Aek¨B bZzb K‡i fve‡Z n‡e| Ab¨_vq Avj­vni Kv‡Q Avgiv ¶gv cve wKbv, †m cÖkœ †_‡K hvq| wZwb e‡jb, ïµevi‡K mvßvwnK QzwU, ivóªag© Bmjvg, gmwR` gv`ivmv gw›`i wMR©vq we`y¨r cvwb wej gIKzd mn †h wbijmfv‡e Bmjv‡gi †L`gZ K‡i †M‡Qb, †mB Gikv`‡KB Bmjvg ag©mn mKj ag© I iv‡óªi mKj gvby‡li †mev Kivi Rb¨ Avevi ivóª¶gZvq emv‡Z n‡e|

          mfvq Ab¨v‡b¨i g‡a¨ e³e¨ iv‡Lb, mn-mfvcwZ nvwim †gvnv¤§` Aveyj evkvi, †gvt Bwjqvm Avjx, hyM¥-mvaviY m¤úv`K Avey mvC` ¯^cb, wgqv AvjgMxi, dRjyj nK dRjy, Gm.Gg Av‡bvqvi †nv‡mb Acy, Øxb Bmgjvg, mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K Av³vi“¾vgvb Lvb, gnvbMi †bZv bvwQi DwÏb nvIjv`vi bvwQg I †gvt bvwQi Luv mn cÖg~L †bZ…e„›`|

evZ©v †cÖiK,

(gvneyeyi ingvb Kvgvj)       
`dZi m¤úv`K
RvZxq hye msnwZ, †K›`ªxq wbe©vnx KwgwU|


(Bangladesh-Bharat-Pakistan People’s Forum)

evsjv‡`k-fviZ-cvwK¯—vb wccj&m †dvivg
(Bangladesh-Bharat-Pakistan People’s Forum)
evsjv‡`k P¨vÞvi
e­K bs-1, K¶ bs-5/L (2q Zjv), evsjv‡`k RvZxq msm`, †k‡ievsjv bMi, XvKv-1207

m~Ît                                                                                           ZvwiLt 29/07/2012

†cÖm weÁwß
AviKv‡b Aei“× AZ¨vPvwiZ †ivwn½uv‡`i mvnvh¨v‡_©
Avš—R©vwZK m¤cÖ`vq‡K GwM‡q Avm‡Z n‡e

A`¨ 29/07/2012 evsjv‡`k-fviZ-cvwK¯—vb wccj&m †dvivg evsjv‡`k P¨vÞv‡ii D‡`¨v‡M mKvj 11.30 wgwb‡U XvKv¯’v wi‡cvU©vm© BDwbwU wfAvBwc wgjbvqZ‡b (2q Zjvq) GK msev` m‡¤§jb AbywôZ nq| msev` m‡¤§j‡b evsjv‡`k-fviZ-cvwK¯—vb wccj&m †dviv‡gi w·`kxq KwgwUi †Rbv‡ij †m‡µUvix Rbve gCbDwÏb Lvb ev`j Ggwc msev` m‡¤§j‡b e‡jb,
wgqvbgv‡ii †ivwn½uv gymjgvb‡`i Ici nZ¨v-wbh©vZb I al©‡bi NUbv NU‡Q| †ivwn½uv RbMY wbR evmf~wg‡Z Aei“Ï AZ¨vPvwiZ| BwZg‡a¨ wgqvbgv‡ii †cÖwm‡W›U †Rbv‡ij †_Bb cÖvq 12 j¶ †ivwn½uv gymjgvb‡K †m †`k †_‡K ewn¯‹v‡ii Bw½Z w`‡q‡Q| AviKv‡b Aei“Ï AZ¨vPvwiZ †ivwn½uv‡`i mvnvh¨v‡_© Avš—R©vwZK m¤cÖ`vq‡K GwM‡q Avm‡Z n‡e| Rbve ev`j e‡jb, gyw³hy‡×i gva¨‡g AwR©Z GB  †`k| miKvi‡K I Avš—R©vwZK m¤cÖ`v‡qi cÖwZ `„wó AvKl©‡Yi AvnŸvb Rvbvb Ges Avš—R©vwZK mvnvh¨ †d¬vwUj †cÖiY Kivi mn‡hvwMZv Kivi mK‡ji cÖwZ AvnŸvb Rvbvb|

msev` m‡¤§j‡b Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb, evsjv‡`k-fviZ-cvwK¯—vb wccj&m †dvivg evsjv‡`k P¨vÞv‡ii mfvcwZ ˆmq` gv¸©e †gv‡k©`, mvaviY m¤úv`K fvby iÄb PµeZx©, hyM¥ mvaviY m¤úv`K wmivRyj Bmjvg iwb, Rbve gvngy`yi ingvb evey, Avwgi“j nK Avwgb, †gvZvwje †nv‡mb wg›Uy, Agj PµeZx© cÖgyL|

evZ©v †cÖiK

(wmivRyj Bmjvg iwb)
hyM¥-mvaviY m¤úv`K



Avwgi †nv‡mb Avgy
Dc‡`óv cwil` m`m¨, evsjv‡`k AvIqvgx jxM
msm` m`m¨ SvjKvVx-2, (SvjKvVx-bjwQwU)
42, wbD B¯‹vUb, XvKv|

m~Ît                                                                   ZvwiLt 28/07/2012Bs
 †kvK evZ©v

Avwgi †nv‡mb AvgyÕi †kvK cÖKvk

SvjKvVx‡Z gg©vwš—K moK `~N©Ubvq gyw³‡hv×v KgvÛ KvDw݇ji SvjKvVx †Rjv KgvÛvi ˆmq` kvgmyj Avjg I Zvi eo fvB mv‡eK BDwc †Pqvig¨vb ‰mq` kvn Avjg Ges †gvUi mvB‡Kj PvjK †gvt Bwjqvm Avjxi wbnZ nIqvq †kvKvZ© cwievie‡M©i cÖwZ Mfxi mg‡e`bv Rvwb‡q‡Qb evsjv‡`k AvIqvgx jx‡Mi Dc‡`óv cwil‡`i m`m¨ AvjnvR¡ Avwgi †nv‡mb Avgy Ggwc|

GK †kvK evZ©vq wZwb wbnZ‡`i we‡`nx AvZ¥vi gvM‡divZ Kvgbv K‡ib|

evZ©v †cÖiK

(Gd.Gg.gvnvgy` wKiY)
Avwgi †nv‡mb Avgyi e¨w³MZ mwPe