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Bangladeshi clergies recommend stoning for Hina-Bilawal by News Desk October 1, 2012

Eminent Islamic scholars, leaders and clergies in Bangladesh are recommending punishment under Sharia law for Pakistani foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar and co-chairman of Pakistan People's Party [PPP] Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for the adultery. According to Bangladeshi daily newspaper the Amader Orthoneeti [Our Economy], eminent Islamic scholar and leader of the Islami Oikya Jote [Islamic Unity Movement] Mufti Fazlul Huq Amini, commenting on allegation of adultery of Hina and Bilawal told the daily, "If this report is true, it cannot be accepted under the Islamic laws. If Bilawal Bhutto is truly a bisexual and alcoholic; he does not have right to become the head of the state of any Muslim nation. The laws in Pakistan, does not permit such illicit activities."
He said, punishment of adultery under Islamic code is stoning to death or whipping. Hina Rabbani Khar and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari now must stand for trial under the Islamic law, if they are found guilty.
Mizbahur Rahman, Islamic scholar and politician commenting on allegation of adultery between Hina Rabbani Khar and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said Islam forbids adultery and extra-marital relations.
"This is a severe offense under the Islamic laws. Bilawal Bhutto is a criminal in the eyes of Islamic law and such people can never be allowed to continue as a leader or head of the state in any Muslim nation", he said.
It may be mentioned here that, constitutionally Pakistan is an Islamic republic, where Islamic laws must be strictly applied to any such cases of adultery irrespective of the social or otherwise positions of the committers.
In another report, the Amader Orthoneeti in another report, quoting a Pakistani online newspaper said, some people in Pakistan are raising demand for declaring Weekly Blitz as 'enemy of Pakistan' for publishing "false rumors" against the "esteemed leaders of the Islamic country".
Adultery [also called philandery, anglicised from Latin adulterium] is voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than the lawful spouse. Religious and legal interpretations of what constitutes adultery vary widely. The term adultery has an Abrahamic origin, though the concept predates Judaism and is found in many other societies. The definition and consequences vary between religions, cultures, and legal jurisdictions, but the concept is similar in Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. Historically, adultery has been considered to be a serious offense by many cultures.
Adultery is considered by Christians to be immoral and a sin. Adultery in traditional Judaism applies equally to both parties, but depends on the marital status of the woman [Lev. 20:10]. Though the Torah prescribes the death penalty for adultery, the legal procedural requirements were very exacting and required the testimony of two eye-witnesses of good character for conviction. The defendant also must have been warned immediately before performing the act. A death sentence could be issued only during the period when the Holy Temple stood, and only so long as the Supreme Torah Court convened in its chamber within the Temple complex.
At the civil level, however, Jewish law [halakha] forbids a man to continue living with an adulterous wife, and he is obliged to divorce her. Also, an adulteress is not permitted to marry the adulterer, but, to avoid any doubt as to her status as being free to marry another or that of her children, many authorities say he must give her a divorce as if they were married.
According to Judaism, the Seven laws of Noah apply to all of humankind; these laws prohibit adultery with another man's wife.
Under Muslim law, adultery in general is sexual intercourse by a person (whether man or woman) with someone to whom they are not married. Adultery is a violation of the marital contract and one of the major sins condemned by Allah in the Quran:
Qur'anic verses prohibiting adultery include:
"Do not go near to adultery. Surely it is a shameful deed and evil, opening roads [to other evils]." [Quran 17:32]
"Say, 'Verily, my Lord has prohibited the shameful deeds, be it open or secret, sins and trespasses against the truth and reason."' [Quran 7:33]
Punishments are reserved to the legal authorities and false accusations are to be punished severely. It has been said that these legal procedural requirements were instituted to protect women from slander and false accusations: i.e. four witnesses of good character are required for conviction, who were present at that time and saw the deed taking place; and if they saw it they were not of good moral character, as they were looking at naked adults; thus no one can get convicted of adultery unless they both themselves agree and give their confession under oath four times.
A survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre found relatively widespread popular support for stoning as a punishment for adultery among Muslims in Egypt (82% of respondents in favor of the punishment), Jordan [70% in favor], Indonesia [42% in favor], Pakistan [82% favor] and Nigeria ]56% in favor].
In some East Asian countries or regions, including North Korea, South Korea and Taiwan, adultery continues to be a crime. In the Philippines, adultery (defined as consensual sexual intercourse between a married woman and a man who is not her husband) and a related act of concubinage [a man cohabiting with a woman who is not his wife], are considered crimes under the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines. Adultery is not a crime in mainland China, but constitutes grounds for divorce.
In Pakistan, adultery is a crime under the Hudood Ordinance. The Ordinance sets a maximum penalty of death, although only imprisonment and corporal punishment have ever actually been imposed. The Ordinance has been particularly controversial because it requires a woman making an accusation of rape to provide extremely strong evidence to avoid being charged with adultery herself. A conviction for rape is only possible with evidence from no fewer than four witnesses. In recent years high-profile rape cases in Pakistan have given the Ordinance more exposure than similar laws in other countries. Similar laws exist in some other Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia.

Courtesy :Blitz Magazine

Monday, October 1, 2012

Indian Origin Urdu Speaking Minority Council – Bangladesh

Honorable Secretary General,
United Nation,
New York, United States of America.
(Through UNDP Resident Representative, Sher-e- Bangla Nagar, Dhaka)
Dear Secretary General,
Om the occasion of 67 anniversary of United Nation Day which is going to be observed on 25th September 2012. We the people of Indian Origin Urdu Speaking Minority Council – Bangladesh hearty pray to Almighty Allah may success for the better progress and development throughout world.
The daily life is becoming secure less in the world for the consequence of feudalism and colonial assault. The peace loving people all over the world expected that UN as well as other parts of the world would be freed from feudalism and imposed that made by developed country. But the dream of people remains dream.
Consequently the Muslims of the world are facing an unexpected vulnerable life. The anti Muslim countries are trying to destroy world peace in various ways as making film (innocence of Muslims) which is quite unbearable for world Muslims and thus the world peace may be fallen in danger. But sorry, to inform you that UN, European Union and other European countries failed in taking action against them. Thus it proved here that the European countries are also involved in this conspiracy.
Now a days the Muslims are mostly distressed in the world. The people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Iraque are victim of tortured day by day by braking international law, to take over area which was fixed by British, the Indian colonial has built “ Farakha Badh”  and about to make Tipaimukhi Badh” to deprive us from water, thinking that our independent is their crops. After dividing India they are torturing for language and religion verities. Please mind it that time is passing quickly, their rude mentality will increase and having no ways the people of the distressed countries will raise their voice against UN and other European countries as these countries are playing dirty game with world Muslims. Those people who are involved in destroying world peace should must be punished for the better prospect of the world peace.
Now, we request to UN U.S.A. and European countries to take necessary steps about the noted film and the film should must be stopped for the sake of world peace and also try to solve the pending problems of Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Iraque immediately. Otherwise, the world peace may be fallen in danger and at that time nothing would be done.
We therefore, expect that your kind measuring will stop imperialist policy, religion policy, as well as imposing on weak people to make peaceful world.
Best Regards.

Mohammad Afzal Warsi,
     ( Secretary General )


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Sunday, September 30, 2012


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 m~Î t- 21/2012                                                      ZvwiLt-29/09/2012
          evZ©v m¤úv`K/Pxd wi‡cvU©vi
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          Peelkhana, 01936353370
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Peelkhana 1 no Gate, 01936353370

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welqt    AvMvgx 30‡m‡Þ¤^i2012 wLªt ZvwiL ‡ivR iweevi `ycyi 12Uv †_‡K `ycyi 2Uv ch©š— RvZxq †cÖm K¬v‡ei mvg‡b
evsjv‡`‡ki gva¨wgK we`¨vjq mg~‡n wb‡qvMcÖvß mnKvix MÖš’vMvwiK‡`i GgwcI f~w³i `vex‡Z ÒAe¯’vb ag©NUÓ
Kg©m~Px‡Z wi‡cvU©vi/d‡Uv mvsevw`K/K¨v‡giv Γ †cÖiY Kiv cÖm‡½|


wec­ex ï‡f”Qv Rvb‡eb,weMZ 04 ‡deyªqvix 2010 wLªt Zvwi‡L evsjv‡`‡ki cÖwZwU gva¨wgK we`¨vj‡q GKRb K‡i mnKvix MÖš’vMvwiK c` m„wó K‡i wb‡qvM `v‡bi Rb¨ wk¶v gš¿Yvjq KZ…©K cwicÎ Rvwi Kiv nq| mnKvix MÖš’vMvwiK c`wU gva¨wgK we`¨vj‡qi g~j Rbej KvVv‡gvi Aš—f©~³ k~b¨c` nIqv m‡Ë¡I mgMÖ evsjv‡`‡k GgwcIfy³ 15495wU (2010m‡bi wnmve Abyhvqx) gva¨wgK we`¨vj‡q cÖvq †PŠÏ nvRvi mnKvix MÖš’vMvwiK, hviv wb‡qvM cvIqvi wZb gv‡mi g‡a¨ †eZb-fvZv cvIqvi K_v wKš‘ cÖvq †PŠÏ nvRvi mnKvix MÖš’vMvwiK AvovBeQi hver †eZb fvZvw` bv †c‡q gvb‡eZi Rxeb hvcb Ki‡Qb weavq evsjv‡`k mnKvix MÖš’vMvwiK mwgwZi †K›`ªxq KwgwUi D‡`¨v‡M AvMvgx 30‡m‡Þ¤^i2012 †ivR iweevi `ycyi 12Uv †_‡K `ycyi 2Uv ch©š— RvZxq ‡cÖmK¬v‡ei mvg‡b mgMÖ evsjv‡`‡ki gva¨wgK we`¨vjq mg~‡n wb‡qvM cÖvß mnKvix MÖš’vMvwiK‡`i GgwcI f~w³ KiY mn †eZb-fvZvi `vex‡Z ÒAe¯’vb ag©NUÓ Kg©m~Px AbywôZ n‡e|

D³ Kg©m~Px‡Z Avcbvi cÖwZôv‡bi wi‡cvU©vi I d‡Uv mvsevw`K/wPÎ MvnK †cÖiY Kivi Rb¨ we‡klfv‡e Aby‡iva KiwQ|


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evsjv‡`k mnKvix MÖš’vMvwiK mwgwZ




i“i¨vj Rvb©vwjó dvD‡Ûkb (Avi‡RGd)
LÏievRvi kwcs Kg‡c­· (6ô Zjv) e½eÜz GwfwbD, XvKv|

m~Ît †cÖm weÁwß                                                  ZvwiLt 28/09/2012Bs

Z_¨ AwaKvi w`em Dcj‡¶
Avi‡RGdÕi Av‡jvPbv mfv AbywôZ

i“i¨vj Rvb©vwjó dvD‡Ûkb (Avi‡RGdÕi) D‡`¨v‡M ïµevi mKvj 10 Uvq msMV‡bi †K›`ªxq Kvh©vj‡q Z_¨ AwaKvi w`em Dcj‡¶ Av‡jvPbv mfv AbywôZ nq| G‡Z mfvcwZZ¡ K‡ib, msMV‡bi cÖwZôvZv †Pqvig¨vb Gm.Gg Rwni“j Bmjvg| Z_¨ AwaKvi AvB‡bi wewfbœ w`K wb‡q Av‡jvPbvq AskMÖnY K‡ib, i“i¨vj Rvb©vwjó dvD‡Ûkb (Avi‡RGd)Õi kixqZcyi †Rjv kvLvi AvnŸvqK Avj-Avwgb kvIb, bovBj †Rjv Avi‡RGdÕi mfvcwZ mv_x ZvjyK`vi, ewikvj gnvbMi Avi‡RGdÕi mfvcwZ †gvt Rvgvj †nv‡mb, Lyjbv ‡Rjv Avi‡RGdÕi AvnŸvqK Wvt G †K gÛj, gv¸iv †Rjv Avi‡RGdÕi AvnŸvqK †Lv›`Kvi Gidvb Avjx wec­e cÖgyL| mfv cwiPvjbv K‡ib i“i¨vj Rvb©vwjó dvD‡Ûkb (Avi‡RGd)Õi m`m¨ mwPe weGg ¯^cb| e³viv Z_¨ AwaKvi AvBb cÖwZôv Kivq eZ©gvb miKvi‡K Awfb›`b Rvbvb|

evZ©v †cÖiK

(‡Lv›`Kvi Gidvb Avjx wec­e)
cÖPvi mgš^qK




evsjv‡`k                     wem&wgj­vwni ivngvwbi ivnxg                    wR›`vev`
†jevi cvwU© hye †dvivg
45/1/G(5g Zjv),cyivbv cëb,XvKv-1000, †dvb: 9335664,

m~Î:                                                                                                ZvwiL : 29/9/2012

miKvi jwM- ˆeVv ZvÛ‡ei c~Yive„wË Pvq t Wvt Bivb
18 `jxq †RvU kxl©‡bZv †jevi cvwU©i †Pqvig¨vb Wvt †gv¯—vwdRyi ingvb Bivb e‡jb- ZË¡veavqK miKvi c~Y©envj Qvov myôz I wbi‡c¶ wbev©Pb m¤¢e bq| weMZ Pvi eQ‡i AvIqvgx jx‡Mi cÖwZwnsmvi ivRbxwZ cÖgvb K‡i‡Q Zv‡`i evKkvjx PwiÎ e`jvqwb| eis Zv msµwgZ n‡q µgk gnvgvwi‡Z iƒc wb‡q‡Q| 18 `jxq †RvU †bÎx †eMg Lv‡j`v wRqvi kvwš—c~Y© Kg©m~Px‡K †Zvqv°v bv K‡i miKvi µg mwnsm ivRbxwZK  D‡¯‹ w`‡”Q|  miKvi 18 A‡±ve‡ii jwM-‰eVvi ZvÛ‡ei c~Y©ive„wË †`L‡Z Pvq|

wZwb e‡jb- AvIqvgx jxM kvwš—c~Y© I Awnsm ivRbxwZ cQ›` K‡i bv| ZvB †`‡k R¡vjvI †cvovI ivRbxwZ †cÖ¶vcU ˆZwi‡Z we‡ivax `‡ji †P‡q miKv‡ii AvMÖnx †ekx| wKš‘ 18 `jxq †RvU miKv‡ii cvZv‡bv dvu‡` cv bv w`‡q MYZvwš¿K cš’vq †fvU fvZ I ¯^vaxbZv i¶vi msMÖvg †Rvi`vi Ki‡e|

wZwb  (kwbevi) 11Uvq `jxq Kvh©vjq †jevi cvwU© hye †dviv‡gi gZwewbgq mfvq cÖavb AwZw_i e³‡e¨ GK_v e‡jb|
‡jevi cvwU©i hye †dvivg AvnŸvqK ûgvqyb Kex‡ii mfvcwZ‡Z¡ mfvq cvwU© fvBm †Pqvig¨vb Rvnv½xi Avjg (cÖavb), Gg`v`yj nK †PŠayix, hyM¥-gnvmwPe GW‡fv‡KU Avwgbyj Bmjvg ivRy, †gvt kvgQywÏb cvi‡fR, mn-mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K †gvt dvi“K ingvb, †gvt Avãyj­vn wRqv, †jevi cvwU©i  hye †dvivg m`m¨ mwPe Avãyi ingvb †LvKb, †K›`ªxq †bZv †gvt †Zvdv¾j †nv‡mb, Wvt Ave`yj ev‡m` cÖgyL e³e¨ iv‡Lb|

evZ©v †cÖiK

(Avãyi ingvb †LvKb)
m`m¨ mwPe


RvZxq Pvi‡bZv ¯§„wZi¶v cwil`
73 KvKivBj,XvKv-1000, †gvev: 01744-716763

m~Î:                                                                                                    ZvwiL : 28/9/12

†cÖm weÁwß

kwbevi mKvj 11.00Uvq LvRv wbRvg DwÏb wgjbvqZ(XvKv wi‡cvU©vm© BDwbwU,3q Zjv)
Rb‡bÎx †kL nvwmbvi 66 Zg Rb¥w`b
ÒMixe `ytLx gvby‡li Kj¨v‡Y-gvbbxq cÖavbgš¿x Rb‡bÎx †kL nvwmbvi weKí †bBÓ kxl©K Av‡jvPbv mfv

RvZxq Pvi‡bZv ¯§„wZi¶v cwil` Gi D‡`¨v‡M AvMvgxKvj 29 AvM÷, 2012, kwbevi, mKvj 11.00Uvq LvRv wbRvg DwÏb wgjbvqZ(XvKv wi‡cvU©vm© BDwbwU,3q Zjv) ÒMixe `ytLx gvby‡li Kj¨v‡Y-gvbbxq cÖavbgš¿x Rb‡bÎx †kL nvwmbvi weKí †bBÓ kxl©K Av‡jvPbv mfvi Av‡qvRb Kiv n‡q‡Q|
Av‡jvPbv mfvq ¸i“Z¡c~Y© e³e¨ ivL‡eb-evsjv‡`k AvIqvgx jx‡Mi †cÖwmwWqvg m`m¨
GW.BDmyd †nv‡mb ûgvqyb
evsjv‡`k AvIqvgx jx‡Mi †cÖwmwWqvg m`m¨
evey mZxk P›`ª ivq
AvBb we‡klÁ
e¨vwi÷vi Gg Avwgi“j Bmjvg
Iqvì© BDwbfv©wmwUi wfwm
W. Avãyj gvbœvb †PŠayix
evsjv‡`k AvIqvgx jx‡Mi mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K
Avn‡¤§` †nv‡mb
mn AvIqvgxjxM Gi †bZ…e„›`
Avgv‡`i GB AbyôvbwU my›`i I mdj Kivi Rb¨ Avcbvi cÖwZôv‡bi GKRb K¨v‡givg¨vb I wi‡cvU©vi cvVv‡bvi Rb¨ Aby‡iva KiwQ|

(†gvt ûgvqyb Kwei wgwR)
cÖwZôvZv mvaviY m¤úv`K


‡cÖm weÁwß

ZvwiL t 29-09-2012 Bs

Ôü`‡ivM wbqš¿‡Y m‡PZbZvB me‡P‡q †ekx Ri“ixÕ| wek¦ nvU© w`em Dcj‡¶¨ wgicyi¯’ evsjv‡`k nvU© wimvP© G‡mvwm‡qkb Gi wbR¯^ Kvh©vj‡q GK Av‡jvPbv mfv AbywôZ nq| mKvj mv‡o `kUvi GB Av‡jvPbvq g~j e³e¨ cÖ`vb K‡ib- we‡klÁ KvwW©I‡jvwRó Aa¨vcK Wvt bvwmi DwÏb Avn‡g`| Av‡iv e³e¨ iv‡Lb- Wvt KvRx Aveyj nvmvb I G‡mvwm‡qk‡bi cÖPvi m¤úv`K gwZDi ingvb jvëz Ges evsjv‡`k ‡¯úvU© G‡mvwm‡qk‡bi wdb¨vÝ †m‡µUvix Rbve ivKxeyi ingvb| Aa¨vcK bvwmi DwÏb Avn‡g` e‡jb, Òü`‡ivM †_‡K gy³ _vKvi Rb¨ †Ubkb wd« _vKv, KvPv jeY, mv`v cvZv, RÏv©, wPwb, wW‡gi Kzmyg, `y‡ai µxg bv LvIqv ev h_v m¤¢e Kg LvIqv, i³Pvc wbqš¿‡Y ivLv, †ekx †ekx nvUv, aygcvb bv KivÓ| wZwb Av‡iv e‡jb, Òü`‡ivM wbqš¿‡Y ivLvi Rb¨ D‡j­wLZ welq¸‡jv wbqg gvwdK †g‡b Pj‡j Avgiv mevB my¯’¨fv‡e Rxeb-hvcb Ki‡Z cvieÓ| e³e¨ †k‡l †kªvZv‡`i ü`‡ivM welqK wewfbœ cÖ‡kœi DËi †`b Aa¨vcK Wvt bvwmi DwÏb Avn‡g`|

msev` †cÖiK-
Rbve gwZDi ingvb jvëz
cÖPvi m¤úv`K|