Thursday, March 9, 2017


Remonstration to the news of The Daily Star, covered as a  settler to CHT Bengali People .
                                             Press Release
It’s a matter of sorrow that before 3 days- dated 06.03.2017, Monday ,  The Daily Star have called `settlers’ to whole cht Bengali people .For that we are giving remonstration to The Daily Star authority with that reporter who are partially  insulting whole historically enriched cht Bengali people .
For your kind information ‘The Daily Star or Reporter you have no rights to called ours overall `settlers’. We are not settler. Not only we have long history    in Chittagong hill tracts making but also we are enriched near about 1000 years minimum.

Strongly we have remonstrated that we grievered whole cht Bengali people  for covering your  partial news yesterday . Confidently  We seems that  The Daily Star authority  should have apologized to cht Bengali people  for that types of all money-partial news. Constitutionally The Daily Star authority or all types reporters or journalists are not right to publish by covering contradictory word such as Settlers and Indigenous people..
For  future , cordially we are requested to The Daily Star or All of news paper and media not to use about words..

Otherwise we have to punish for preventing hill tracts divided conspiracy .

Mohammad Main Uddin
Senior Vice President
Parbatto Bangali Chattro Porisod

Khagrachari  Dist .

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