Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Press Release from Jatiyo Somajtantrik Dol -JASOD"

JSD is a meeting of the National Committee
To build jangimukta Bangladesh , political freedom once again the government collaborators Ñ the need to stop the game of musical chairs: Inu
National Socialist Party-the party's national committee meeting today at 11:00 in the morning of April 1, 017 ramanastha Institution of Engineers .began JSD president Inu MP were present at the meeting chaired by the MP, JSD general secretary Shirin Akhter , Executive President Ed. Rabiul Alam , standing committee member said. Anwar Hussain , Mir Akhter Hossain , Iqbal Hossain Khan , Ed. Habibur Rahman Shawkat , Nurul Akhtar , vice-president Abdul Hai Talukder , Fazlur Rahman Babul , Ed. Shah Jekrul Ahmed , Kazi Riaz , Afroza Haque Rina , Safi Uddin Mollah , Md Shahidul Islam , Mohar Ali Chowdhury , joint secretary Afzal Hossain Khan jockey , Lokman Ahmed , EC red , Obaidur Rahman Chunnu , Shaukat Raihan , naimula Ahsan Jewel , Rokanuzzaman Rokon , Ed. Sadiq Hussain addressed . 
Jangisantrasa eradicate or suppress the people to unite under the leadership of the current situation . So the situation is that the current war situation . Nothing to see with glasses of war to subdue the militants . The numbers inside the politics of the war: 1sambidhana to be selected in accordance with the time ; Trial of war criminals , agunasantrasidera to judge . 2samrddhi and development as well as poverty-inequality-dalabaji to continue to take steps to end corruption . 
He said , the main challenge of politics , the country is jangimukta forever , Bangladesh militant collaborators so again could not come to the government-backed government, or the military, he confirmed . " The politics of freedom once again backed government collaborators ' - in a permanent way to play musical chairs to stop in time to be selected , jangisantrasa to be completely destroyed . Jangisangira main sponsor , agunasantrasi and dangerous killers, head of syndicate , Pakistan's new power brokers Begum Khaleda Zia and the BNP and keep out of politics and elections should be timely . 
He said , collaborators with the political-militant allies bhagabatoyara aposatattba / mitamatatattba be stopped . Witness the power of the rival militants is not the first time it will be finally established . The freedom fighters and pro-liberation forces to be in politics . He said , Khaleda Zia of the BNP collaborators on behalf of militant anti-terrorist-criminals have taken note of national unity . Childbearing is a strategic location from militants Khaleda Zia , but policy-ideological position . He said , on March 5 to deny the genocide day Ñ prove Khaleda Zia, Pakistan's new broker . The militants were eliminated earlier , if she did not patronize them . Khaleda Zia and her allies to root out the militants to trial .
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